A sponsor is any current & active member of UGC. You must obtain a sponsor signature at the top of your UGC application. Your sponsor must know you personally, and is in effect signing that he or she knows you to be reliably safe and well versed in NRA safety procedures of handling a firearm.

What you do and how you conduct yourself at Ukiah Gun Club is a direct reflection of your sponsor, good, or bad. Please open the "Requirements" link and read detailed information about becoming a new member at The Ukiah Gun Club.

You Don’t Have a Sponsor:

Joining Ukiah Gun Club requires a sponsor signature at the top of New Member Application; if you do not have a sponsor then you may personally submit application to council. This procedure is as follows: simply print the application, fill it out, and attend The Ukiah Gun Club Board of Directors meeting held every fourth (4’Th) Tuesday of the month and begin promptly at 7:00: PM.

The board of Directors will receive your application, have a few questions asked about yourself and be notified of the Board of Directors decision on your request for membership within a week by mail.

National Rifle Association (NRA) Membership:

When you join Ukiah Gun Club you must be a full paid member of the NRA, and you must maintain current and valid NRA membership for the duration of your Ukiah Gun Club membership. It is imperative that a photocopy of your current NRA card mailed with your UGC application.

If you are not an NRA member at this time, you must join NRA by utilizing the NRA Application link, and it is important to follow instructions on the application for immediate validation of NRA membership.

The reason for this requirement is that as a member of the NRA you and the UGC Facilities are automatically covered by the NRA insurance that is included for free with your membership through them and while you are shooting on our ranges. Best darn deal on insurance you can get anywhere.

Membership Renewal:

Please note that there is NO prorate for renewal dues, you must pay the full $150.00 renew fee, plus $25.00 if a late fee applies.

Thank you,
Audie Norbury
Membership Secretary

Click on the following links to membership information and forms

Membership Requirements

UGC New Member Application

NRA Application




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