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Check the Calendar above and in updates below for Range Closure dates due to Special Events coming up!!

Occasionally due to situations beyond our control the information printed in the newsletter and PDF. calendar above are incorrect due
to last minute changes or scheduling conflicts, the latest and most accurate and up to date information will be available here on
the website so check the events notices below!

!!  Latest News, Updates in brief  !!  

Frontloaders Main Range Dec.7th 9-3pm

Sat. Dec.13th event flier here
December Rifle Turkey Shoot!! Running Deer Target
Main Range Come for fun and win a Turkey

IDPA Dec.19th Setup 3pm-5, Match 20th Helldorado 7-4pm

Sun. Dec. 14th event flier here
Turkey Shoot Trap meet
Pistol and 22 rifle on Helldorado bring the family

Members Christmas Dinner Meeting Nov. 16th 7pm
Come one come all to find out whats new

Cowboy Action Dec.21st 9-1pm Helldorado
Cowboy lunch clubhouse 2-4

New CCW 2day Class Dec. 8/9
9am Clubhouse, 1-5 Back Range
Contact John Holder 489-3380 to sign up

California CCW Renewal Sat. Jan. 3rd, 8:30-1pm Clubhouse/Backrange 10-1
Utah & Arizona CCW in Clubhouse 1-5pm Jan. 3rd
Merry Christmas one and all
Have a safe New Year of Shooting
Check calendars for Range closures for Law Enforcement trainings below
Helldorado & Back Range LE closures

Dec. 2nd 2-5, 3rd 8-4, 4th 2-5, 10th 9-4, 12th 8-5, 30th 8-5pm. Jan. 6&8 2-6, 22nd 9-1
Helldorado: Dec.:2nd 8-5

Main Range LE closures Dec. None. Jan. 15th 9-3pm

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This website is dedicated to all the past and present members of the Ukiah Rifle and Pistol Club (URPC) for their hard work, devotion and perseverance over the last 63 years.

Established in 1945 our family friendly facilities are home to many different shooting groups and events each month. The goal of our website is to provide you with useful information, about our Club, that we hope will encourage you to become an active member.

The new website was a long time in the making because of the time to get everyone on the same track and compile all the necessary information. We would like to thank Cyber Magic Web Design for the creation of the new website.

Thank you to Mr. Dana Howell for taking on the Web master job, without his hard work and dedication to the first web site, this new site would not have been possible. There are no finer people, than the people, who give of their time, effort and expertise for a labor of love. Thank you Dana Howell, thank you for giving your years of service to The Ukiah Gun Club.

The Ukiah Rifle & Pistol Club is a members only shooting range situated on 100 acres of Oak Covered foothills in the Ukiah Valley, in beautiful Mendocino County, known for numerous wineries and abundant outdoor recreational activities. Only thirty miles from the coast, this region has something to offer everyone.

Known locally as The Ukiah Gun Club (UGC for short) we also have activities open to the general public, such as CCW Classes, Hunter Safety Courses, Refuse to be a Victim, Turkey Shoots, High Power, Black Powder etc.

The Board of Directors at UGC would like you to know that we place a great value on your participation in your club. Your direct involvements, both individually and as a group, are a testimony to this great organization. Moreover, it is the reason UGC is still running strong 63 sixty years after it creation. Let this truth known; all members of The Ukiah Rifle and Pistol Club make this Club what it is today!

If you haven't already looked at our regularly updated information pages, please do. There are many events, classes and just plain old fun going on at UGC!

To keep on top of what is happening at the club please look at the UGC calendar, newsletter and message board forum. Information and scheduling continually update, and will assure that you know the UGC calendar of scheduled events.

When you check the  UGC schedule before coming down,  you guarantee yourself that the range you want to use did not close for a Club Shoot, Law Enforcement Training, CCW Class, NRA Hunter Education or other scheduled special event.

Thank You, have fun and please always think safety first.

Audie Norbury,
Membership Secretary
Ukiah Rifle & Pistol Club

We would like to recognize and thank all the local sponsoring individuals and businesses who help support our club and its programs. We encourage you to patronize these businesses to thank them for what they do. To see who these fine businesses are Go Here

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